As you have probably already guessed from the title of this game you are going to train slavegirl. And to do that you will get a lot of different options. From the most obvious ones like changing her loosk and outfits to the set of skills you want your new slavegirl to master (he-he). Also there will be some fun additions like the choice of how exactly this female should call you and herself when she is talking to you. There will be some working activities that you can sign up your slavegirl to depending on what skills she has for the moment. The more money she will earn the more new features you will get to use. Some simulation elements are also added to the process but nothing really hardcore - everything is controlled through a bunch of menus and settings.
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2021-11-23 19:15:56
Kiriom kuyo:

Holhhn kosksh Vyksogju.jhkz

2021-11-21 02:10:07

Is this not the full version? How can i unlock the rest? I did everything and bought all the stuff. Can't uo her slutiness either

2021-08-31 02:31:38

how do i up her slutness

2021-08-08 12:33:50


2021-08-06 00:59:55

my asdf

2021-08-02 01:32:04

Yo My name is anutag

2021-01-10 04:16:13

[email protected]

2021-01-09 04:21:12
Useless Monarch:

I found the html5 ver. puffin browser, has like 12 flash games

2020-09-25 01:39:29

pp is smol

2020-05-02 00:38:32

How old is she?

2020-01-30 11:16:29

Yummy love

8 аdd 8 multiрlу bу 4 рlus 10

Next-gen free hentai game for free! Play Now.

Collect rewards and items in the mail with each battle won, as they will help you evolve your trained fighters. The more you evolve your beautiful warriors, the more their physical appearance changes. And by"changes", we mean"they get super uncovering, teasing you endlessly". And, if you can't get out of the headspace these steaming hot visuals have driven you to, the game does feature a helpful"auto" mode that will play the best moves, so you can keep focusing on your latest win- or, you know, whatever is holding your attention.

Tags: hentai, browser, sex, porn
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100% Views: 34k
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Silver Dollar Pussy 3

In this verison of "Silevr dollar Pussy" your main task will stay pretty much the same yet some rules wil be changed so it would be more fun and challenging to play this game for the thrid time... like hot looking blonde model stripping down and touching herself is not enough already! Yet lets get back to the game - you are playing with gold coins and you need to cover with them the silver coins but ofcourse coin can be covered only by those which are higher in value. And that is not all - instead of playing on fixated grid this time all the coins are positioned randomly inside the playing field so now you will decide by yourself in what directions and how hard to swipe them which obviously is going to be more challenging... and hopefully more fun!

Tags: striptease, blonde, arcade, strip, erotic, logic, coin, real model
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Views: 2k
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Silver Dollar Pussy 2

The new iteration of a classic coin gameplay in which your logic means just as much as the ability to foretold the most successful moves. Sounds tricky? Well, in more simple terms pretty much everything you will have to do is to cover the silver coins of your opponent with your golden coins. For that you can obviosuly use only the coins that are highrr in the value and once you do that both coins will be added to your bank so the one who will get bigger score at the end of the round will win! Oh, we have totally forgot to tell you about the rewards - in this game the reward for each win will be more and more hot segments of a striptease dance from sexy looking model ofcourse! But be careful because each time you will loose you will be send one step back!

Tags: striptease, cute, strip, erotic, logic, coin, real model
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Views: 2k
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Double Home Work Episode 4

According to the main stroyline of this visual novel series you was lucky to grow up together with two hot looking redheads. Now you all got older which obviously provides you with new ways of developing your furthrr relations as well as the surroundings will put them under the testing again and again. And we are not talking only about the circumstances - the people arond you will not always be your friends also! But lets hope that you will be able to make the right choices and even if yo won't then at least you will face the consequences well enough. And ofcourse it is recommended to play this series starting with the very first episode or you just will not understand who all these characters are and what drives and motivates them.

Tags: teen, redhead, teacher, visual novel, student, relationship, choice, cg hentai
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Views: 3k
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The Realms of Bondage

If you always wanted to become the ruler of the realm of bondage then you will finally make your dream real in this hentai game where you will become the slave lord who lives in a big and fancy (well, by the grimm gothic standards) castle and where you will get your cock sucked as many times as you will want! By the way even though the 'cock' was mentioned you don't actually have to play as male character because the futanari option is also available to choose at the very beginning of the game. Once you have decisded who exactly you want to be (and by what name you will be) you are welcomed to play with your cute slavegirls. There will be some variations available during dialogs and this will allow you to play one or another role in these 'relations'.

Tags: hentai, blowjob, futanari, master, simulator, sex slave
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Views: 7k
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Naruto smashes drunk Tsunade Fucky-fucky

You may know Tsunade as the wise ruler of Konoha village but if you were following Naruto's adventures then you also know that Tsunade actually have some problems like drinking and gambling. In this hentai parody you will see how it may turn out for her and Naruto if this young ninja will figure out the way to fuck this buxomy blonde milf while she will be too toasted to let him do that. But if you want to know the details and to see how exatly naruto fucked Tsunade (this is barely a spoiler since you already know that this is hentai parody) you will have to play this game by yourself! In case if you will enjoy ts visit into sexual side of Konoha village life then don't forget to check our website where you can find more of hentai parodies on your beloved anime!

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Views: 598k
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Being a freshmen at the college can be just as stressfull as being a freshmen at the new job... and you can imagine how can it be for the main character of this story who happened to be both at the very same time! But looks like he is not worried about this too much at least he is not planning to give up his path and wants to become succesfull in both studying and working. But what will keep him motivated? The whole bunch of hot ladies around him ofcourse! So explore both sides of a life of a working student and try to seduce as many big-titted cuties as only possible... or build this story in the way that you prefer through the system of choices that you will be making at the truning points of the game while great visual artstyle and hot scenes will keep you entertained.

Tags: hentai, big tits, blowjob, college, visual novel, pickup
Categories: HTML5 Browser Games
Views: 141k

Views: 141k
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Fuckerman Jingle Balls

There is an xmas coming into puny and snowy villages somewhere in the middle of nowhere so even here people are planning to have some exciting funtime during this season... and just like anywhere else one of the principal attributes to cretae the proper mood will be the tree decoration! By the way finding all the proper items which you can use as this decoration is what the first part of the gameplay will consist of - explore the locations inside and outside the house and pick any special objects you will find there! Once the decoration is over the second part of the game will start during which you will get the reward from one hot looking blonde chick and which barely needs any additional explanations... Overall nicely done and quite simple game with interesting artstyle made in 3D CG!

Tags: blonde, christmas, balls, quest, humor, 3d game, xmas, bag
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Views: 25k

Views: 25k