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(Tracy Scops)- The Nuptials

Tags: bondage, english, comic, voyeurism, black cat, big breasts, big penis, masked face
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Old Voyeur Hostel v0.1.9

"Old Voyeur Hostel" is - just as it is own title promises it to be - the visual novel about the old hostel which is located near the university so you can already imagine what kind of visitors it is going to have and what opportunities this will bring for a horny voyerist named Sam! By the way Sam is the main character who happens to become the manager of this hostel after some coincedental events and obviously you wil be playing as him from now on! But ofcourse this will also mean that you will get a whole set of additional duties yet nothing cheers up a person after a hard working day as some erotic content 'produced' in the room behind the wall! Nicely done graphic style, system of choice options and ofcourse humor makes this adult game into a great adventure!

Tags: hentai, striptease, college, strip, voyeurism, visual novel, student, hotel, management, cg hentai
Categories: HTML5 Browser Games
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Horny Lezzie Fuckfest

New interactive hentai vid from Funny-games studio. Well, it is more vid than interactive actually - all that you can do is just to control the playback by pausing it or rewinding and fast forwarding it. Enjoy the vid, rewatch the scenes that you liked the most or pause to check all the details of certain moments. The story you are going to see here is taking place on one of those nights when two girlfriends had to share one. But if before this sleepovers was quite usual thing now when one of chicks is anxious to gain g/g fuck-a-thon experience it is going to be a totally new level. But will she be able to receive the mutual ineterests form her chesty girlfriend? Watch this animated video and you will see! If you liked this short videogame then visit developer's website for more!

Tags: big boobs, hentai, big tits, pussy, video, animation, anime, masturbation, lesbian, voyeurism, bedroom, adult animation, pijama, sleepover
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Pervy boy 1

A petty geek in glasses likes to look after neighbors in another building. For this, he has a petite telescope. As that evening, this depraved boy looks through a telescope and sees a buxomy black-haired. From her big tits, the boy got excited. But suddenly, next to the dark haired appears a thick black man. He witnessed the boy and burst into his building. What will be next!? Definitely you see that the boy is tied to a big bed. In front of him stands a dark haired and waits for hump. His dick runs and slams into the caboose of the black man. This is not the option that a enormous black man desired. And he orders the boy to fuck a terrible and disgusting step-sister who sleeps on the next couch.

Tags: voyeurism, hard sex, incest, xxx game, porn game, adult flash game, dirty sex
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Urban Voyeur

"Urban Voyeur" is a great game for all who loves visual novels and non-linear stories but made with using 3D and CG graphics instead of anime style pictures. Here you will be playing as a medic who was succesfull enough to get invited on a job at private medical center in New York. After some time you will be commencing to explore the neighbourhood and pretty soon get involved in a lot of tricky (and quite often also very sexy) situations that you were planning to enjoy only by watching from a distance. So now it is up to you to find a proper outcome of these situations in order to keep your new job, to get along with your co-workers and ofcourse to stay on a good side of your neighbours and friends. It sounds almost impossible to do but at least give it a try!

Tags: 3d, story, visual novel, doctor girlfriend, doctor, choice, various endings
Categories: HTML5 Browser Games
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Become Alpha

Become Alpha is a porn game with tons of memes, kickass branching storyline, quests, RPG-like experience system, and a possibility to have sex with many partners. It's also pretty damn funny. The story is about Harry Panuchkin who's a nerd and a wannabe gangster. He has a big dick, but never actually used it. It's your job to help him get the pussy and make him a proper alpha male, that he always wanted to be.

Tags: big tits, blowjob, anal, masturbation, handjob, milf, adventure, footjob, titfuck, voyeurism, big ass, dating, visual novel, humor, stripping, drugs, rpg, oral sex, multiple endings, vaginal sex, spanking, big breasts
Categories: HTML5 Browser Games
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Old Voyeur Hostel .03

Sam has been invited to his old uncle's apartment. Sam has not seen his uncle in years so it is strange that he wants him to come over so unexpectedly. His cousin Ethan is sceptical of what the motive might be. Have fun learning out the truth in this visual novel.

Tags: blowjob, college, visual novel, erotic, mystery, cg
Categories: HTML5 Browser Games
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Brads Erotic Week

According to the title of this game chief character is named Brad and you as the player are going to take one week of his life under your control. As you will see already in the veyr beginning Brad is not really good at building or even kicking off any relationships so clearly this is where you are going to help him by making the decisions which he probably would never make on his own. For example Brad likes the chick who works at the local coffee shop but he doesn't know how to apporach her. And even if it won't work out with this chick as you were expetcing there are still few alternative romance routes in this story so probably Brad is going to get lucky by the end of this week one way or another. And you always can replay the game and try different options if you want to.

Tags: hentai, voyeurism, dating, pickup, choice, romance
Categories: HTML5 Browser Games
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Fertile Grove Scene 3

This is the third chapter of a story in which main hero being one horny dude is trying to change the small town from a place filled with hot but fertile ladies into the paradise filled with lots of hot and always ready to fuck milfs getting at least one hot chcik at a time! Ofcourse there is going to be more story behind all of this but for that you will need to play the previous chpaters first and if already you did then don't forget to pick the previous choices in the special menus in order to get your own storyline to continue. Did it? Then reveal the next chapter of uneasy relations which now will get a new twist which is remarkably happens to take place on a day dedicated to dirty underwear - the laundry day! Are you ready for some backyard action?

Tags: hentai, big tits, teen, strip, voyeurism, panties, visual novel
Categories: HTML5 Browser Games
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