Slave Lord [v 1.4.1]

    New version of game about Slave Lord. So if you alwayes wante dto become a dark lord (and to have a name Vorgor) then there is no nicer chance than to do it here and now! Long ago you led a mighty army of orcs into the peaceful lands of Erolania and swept throughout the Kingdom in a rampage of destruction. But when youwas close to becoming the ruler of everything something happened. What happened? Well, if you want more story then you will locate it in the game. And now about the game. You returned as Dark Lord. Ofcourse you might have to begin all your conquest once again and for that you will need an army. And more magical powers than before. How o do that you can find out from fairly sandy-haired sorceress you have locked up in your basement. Or you may just fuck her. But you still will have to explore the world and conclude quests - at least to have more manga porn options unlocked!
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  • Added: 2018-07-16
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Slave Lord [v 1.4.1]

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