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Mikasa Ackerman is one the most badass titan killer on the planet of"Attack on titan" anime and manga. And she likes Eren who is (spoiler alert in the event that you simply staretd watching teh series) can transform into phat titan himself! Of course Mikasa can't kill him but when she needs to stop Eren she use the other ultimate weapon - her raw puss! Yep, she gets naked and lets Eren in shape of Titan to munch her puss as long as he wishes to. Works every time! Enjoy this colorful animated loop and also observe Mikasa getting ate by the thickest tongue possible! No gameplay at all tho - just manga porn loop (but it is truly hot!) With naked Mikasa and (partly) Eren as Titan. And Mikasa is pretty lucky that titans have no dicks or her puss would be ruined very quickly!

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